City noises unfold slowly crystals of sound On the borders of her mind  the memory of the dream, the azure blue cup she is holding in her hand

A dream of shadows    moving       against the backdrop of a white  screen     shadows dancing   furiously          fluid forms        a feeling of being immersed in the ocean            surrounded by women   swimming   slowly     White faces  No  life   Bodies       made of marble  In the morning a lingering memory in her, around       Now     here     the flowers on the kitchen table, a beautiful colour red

She glances over the Espresso maker, the azure blue cup, the white plate on the table       She looks outside    away          into the  sky  Visions of sailing ships   Attols of silence          Seagulls       White lace waves   Dancing     A feeling emerging

The smell of           sea              rests     on her skin       sleepily


(To be published in Lucent Dreaming Issue 2, 2018)