“Each language mediates my experience of the world differently. This is perhaps why, when I move in a space between languages, I still experience a feeling of loss. At the same time, from this loss, from this lack, comes creativity. It comes in this space of in-between language.”

(Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani Mina Ray, ‘Unbound lines: writing in the space of the multilingual’)

“We allude to an unrestricted form, a word that in its expression goes beyond the print, with language of plants spreads colour, and in the drifting journeys of breeze reaches the images that give colour to its flowers.”

(Unbound Expressions, Need Dana-Haeri & Tajalli Keshavarz, 2013)

The rhythm of life
Is a jazz rhythm,
The Gods are laughing at us.

(Langston Hughes, Lenox Avenue: Midnight)

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