J’ai longtemps erré et je reviens
vers la hideur désertée de vos plaies[i]

the ship glides silently on water
before casting anchor

the view of the city turns into
the full experience of sense of place

silver palm trees, the emerald blue sea
the cricket song, the mistral

the sun is a hum, an echo
casting its shadow on the brown rock

what I see, I hear, I sense is an imprint,
somebody else’s fading memory

I dream awake of unspeakable shores
of long lost, circular cities

deserted cities risen out of silence, stellar doors,
abandoned pillars, statues resting in the shade

I dream awake of unknowable shores
Lost in the moment of return



[i] Césaire, A., Retour au pays natal.Translation (Eng):
I have long wandered and I am returning
to the deserted hideousness of your wounds