Seeing London in Forty Days / London u četrdeset dana

The multilingual photo album ‘Seeing London in forty Day’ / London u četerdeset dana / Voir Londres en quarante jours’ was conceived and completed in May and June 2016. I decided then to walk through London for forty days in a row and record my walking experiences in the city with photographs of places in London I had not visited before. Each photograph was accompanied by a haiku verse, a short commentary or an observation of my act of ”seeing’ the city. My aim was to write about my experiences of the city as multisensory, multilingual experiences; they were meant to explore the relationship between the poetics of urban space and poetry . The materials I produced were finally compiled into a manually produced, hand-written photo album of my journey through the space and time of the city. These were first shared on Facebook with my friends; all the photographs and notes I have made are now public (the FB album is publicly available here).

The album is divided into six different sections: People, Places, Nature, Sounds, Objects & Textures, Shapes, Patterns. It currently exists only in hard-copy form; however, here is an electronic rendering of some of the album. I hope the reader will be able to enjoy the multilingual experience of seeing London through the poet’s eyes.

Woman walking under the rain, St Stephen’s Row (9/5/2016)



Deep sounds of tam-tam; triptych, Shades Thames (8/6/2016)


A sunny day on the Regent’s canal (May 2018)