The rhythm of life
Is a jazz rhythm,
The Gods are laughing at us.

(Langston Hughes, Lenox Avenue: Midnight)


I am a multilingual poet interested in the exploration of language, space and identity. I like experimenting with form and meaning in my multilingual writing. As both a researcher and a multicultural subject, I am interested in the question of the multilingual act as a plural mode of artistic expression and a plural reading practice.

On this site, you can:

  • dive into a selection of my multilingual poetry in English, French and Croatian through the three different mediums I explore: Word, Sound and Image.
  • learn about my engagement activities such as talks & readings.
  • find out more about my multilingual poetry project Unbound, a new creative project across the UK, Croatia, France and Belgium on the exploration of live poetry performance in a multilingual and a multimedia context.
  • follow my reviews about multilingual authors I love in the ‘Unbound presents’ section.

Since the conception of this blog in 2015, I am very excited to announce details of my first multilingual poetry performance (French, English, Croatian) ‘Reveries about language‘, 20 March 2019, Pinter Studio, Queen Mary University of London.

Hope you enjoy your time on my blog!

Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani Mina Ray

9 February 2019