Headphones Girl

She walks with
to work every day,
Listens to music
With that thoughtful
Look on her face,
Her nails are
Her smile – decent,
almost imperceptible,
She looks just like
Any other girl
You meet

When she listens
to her music,
strange thoughts
form in her mind,
Thoughts she
tries to push away,
for a while,
thoughts not quite right,
not quite white,
Her hair is
Her smile, decent,
almost untraceable,
You wouldn’t think
She has it in her,
She looks just like
any other girl
You meet

Today she walks
Look on her face –
Thoughts she had
have formed
In her mind,
Like fluffy clouds
in the sky,
her hair is loose,
Eyes, like stars –
two bright blue
She has a secret,
too sweet,
too deep,
Too blue,
to be revealed,
You wouldn’t think
She has it in her,
She looks just like
any other girl
You see, you


Copyright Mina Ray 2015




Perfect Boy

He wakes up at 6 am
every morning,
turns the smart alarm
on his Blackburry off,
drinks his coffee, eats his
cereal blend,
Looks through the window
at that morning mist,

He’s careful when accepting
a Fb friend, mindful when
evaluating the risk of rain,
his shirt is on the chair,
it’s ready to be worn,
his shirt is white and clean,
his shirt is plain and lean,
as is his mind, as is his soul,
as is his sheen

He dresses up, checks himself
in the mirror,
makes sure his mask,
his grin are firmly on,
with his raincoat on, a cleaner,
more modern look,
opens the door, walks into the
pale sunlight,
conscious not to fall
into any crack, hole,
not to make a step, or two
that he might regret,

He’s always afraid, but has it
under control,
‘cause his past is right
and his future – bright,
his present –
a mystery to be solved,

He promises himself
to think about it
when the conditions
are met,
when he meets that
perfect girl,
that perfect girl
just like him.


Copyright Mina Ray 2015